What is a blogger and how to blog

Professional blogger
Do you have a subject or subjects that you are particularly passionate about, or a soapbox you are willing to stake a claim on? Consider putting your ideas into cyberspace via a blog, and see what magic can unfold. Thousands of people are making a comfortable living through blogging or even vlogging, the video version of sharing a story, and they are finding their followers are just as passionate as they are. Dust off that keyboard and find your unique niche that will allow the prose to start flowing.

Write that novel, become a journalist, or even a poet
If you wish to see the world and write about your adventures, consider becoming a freelance writer. Plenty of companies will pay for a good story or even some creative advertising about their products and services; use your talents and put a unique twist and spin on experiences that cannot be duplicated. If poetry is your thing, turn your life experience into a beautiful, singsong melody that people can read and savor with you as if they were there.

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How to bcome a blogger

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