What are the benefits of life coaching?

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Benefits of Effective Life Coaching!

Researchers have found many potential positive results of life coaching, but some of the most common outcomes include (Jarosz, 2016):

  1. A stronger sense of identity and purpose for the client.
  2. The client living the life that they have dreamed about, through enhanced mental health and increased quality of life and goal attainment. This is across a broad range of goals including starting a business, expanding their social life, creating more work/life balance and improving their financial status. Achieved through smart goal setting and better follow-through, self-regulation, enhanced communication and problem-solving skills, and client empowerment with the support of the coach (Green, Oades, & Grant, 2006).
  3. Positive change in client behavior and beliefs, including improved self-confidence, self-acceptance, and insight into one’s self (Grant, 2008).
  4. Reduced self-reflection and boosted insight.
  5. A better quality of life in general, with greater well-being, increased hope and decreased stress (Grant, 2003; Green, Grant, & Rynsaardt, 2007).
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Life coaching is often a fulfilling and positive experience for coaches too.  Some certified international life coaches report immense satisfaction from watching their clients’ lives change in positive ways.

Coaches can gain fulfillment from the coaching process itself and the collaborative relationship with their clients. The profession also offers autonomy and flexibility and a sense of success when their skills feel applicable to helping their client

Characteristics of Successful Life Coaching

While the components listed above are the base requirements for a healthy coaching relationship, there are more characteristics that can take a life coaching relationship from good to great, such as:

  • An objective.  The coaching process must have an objective, whether it is to help the client find fulfillment, life balance, or to optimize the client’s life to promote learning.
  • A goal.  Life coaching must operate with a set goal that is realistic, achievable, and measurable.
  • A client-centered approach.  A great life coaching experience extends this approach to all levels and all interactions, keeping the focus on the changing needs and goals of the client at all times.
  • A focus on the present but with a future-oriented mindset.  While life coaching must be based on the client’s current circumstances and opportunities, the coaching process must be aware of how current beliefs and behaviors will affect the client’s future and plan for future that is both desirable and attainable for the client.
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Required Components for Life Coaching

Beyond the assumptions and skills that set the stage for a great coaching relationship, there are some factors to life coaching that are absolutely vital for success (Jarosz, 2016):

  • The practice of life coaching must acknowledge and encourage what is good in the client and empower them to reach their greatest potential through their greatest strengths.
  • Life coaching must occur in a safe and open environment for the client; the coach must create a space where clients feel safe enough to grow.
  • Perhaps most important of all, the coach and client must be on equal footing in the relationship, sharing the responsibility for defining and maintaining the coaching relationship.
  • Life coaching must be undertaken with a client-centered approach that focuses on the client as an individual with unique needs, strengths, and experience.
  • The focus of life coaching must be on the client’s whole self, not just specific pieces of the client’s personality or in only certain spheres of the client’s life.
  • As noted earlier, life coaching must be dynamic, as the nature of coaching involves a great deal of change in the client’s circumstances, priorities, and needs.

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