How to Master Your Mornings

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How we start the day is how we end the day. And we begin our day
by waking up. But here’s the question: How do you get out of bed?
Do you wake up grumpy and frustrated? Or do you wake up feeling
grateful and excited? Consider this idea, if the first sentence to your
paragraph is weak, nobody’s going to read through the rest of it
even if the rest is beautifully scripted.

The same goes for your morning. If your morning doesn’t go the
right way, no matter what happens through the rest of your day it’ll
remain a bad day because of the way it started.
It’s an inevitable chain reaction that you can prevent if you simply
pay more attention to how your morning goes. The first step is
waking up in a better spirit. The easiest way to do this is by rising

Now usually when you wake up early, you feel horrible. You see the
time and groan wondering why woke you up at such an early hour.
But what’s making you wake up in such a bad mood is the time you
fall asleep.
And the question is, what time did you fall asleep? How did your
sleep go? What caused your bad night? How can you prevent that
bad night from ever happening again so your mornings are better?

If you haven’t realized it yet, this is all one big cycle. To have a good
morning, you need a good night’s sleep. To get a proper night’s
sleep, you need the right amount of sleep and, you need to go to
sleep feeling good. In order for you to have a peaceful rest with a
happily tired mind, you should’ve had a good day. To have a good
day, you need to wake up on the right side of the bed.
This cycle never ends, but there will always be a starting point.
Hopefully with this knowledge, you can have better understanding
of your future path and how to navigate your destiny.

How To Start Your Day

No one can tell you how to live the perfect day. What’s a perfect day
to you could be a disastrous day to someone else. So the most
anyone can do for you is point you in a direction that you might
Clichéd but true; any good morning starts on the right side of the
bed and in most cases, the right side of the bed faces the window in
your room so you can catch a glimpse of the first rays in the light
blue sky.

Any morning you want to be worth it involves all of your favorite
things. This could be a bubble bath or a warm cup of espresso to
kick start your mind. Some people read a book while their mind is
fresh to reminisce about their favorite characters throughout the
When you’re starting a day, try to never start it on a bad note.
Typically, if your day commences well, then the rest of the day
doesn’t seem so menacing and you can better handle situations you
face through the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Don’t tackle anything stressful in the morning. Things you know
will take a long time and hard effort, save for after you’ve spoiled
yourself a little in the morning.
Most people assume that time for yourself is at night or in the
evening when the day comes to an end. While this is an
understandable assumption, time in the evening should actually be
dedicated to wrapping up and completing your day.

The best time to spend on yourself is the morning, when the sun is
high and the day begins. Yes, you have to prepare for the following
outcomes and responsibilities of the day, but that’s why it’s better
to start your days earlier.
Starting them earlier gives you more time to yourself, enough time
to make the morning an enjoyable routine rather than one you

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